Canoeing Is Better Than Yachting (2022)

My second homemade album of original songs, this time all acoustic. It's on Bandcamp.

You can also stream it in its entirety on this very page, just by clicking on the white "Play" triangle (on the album cover, above the playlist).

Here's the story

Though I finished this album at the age of 67, I wrote most of these songs when I was in my twenties. When our kids were growing up, I used to sing some of them at home sometimes, just on my acoustic guitar. In 2014, one of our (now adult) daughters asked me if I could record them for her just like that, just me and a guitar. So I did, fairly quickly on my iPad, and jokingly called the result Dad Unplugged. I also put it on Bandcamp, but I kept hearing all the mistakes, so I took it off again after a few months.

At the beginning of 2022, I got it into my head to go back and try and fix the mistakes. I also added a bunch of new vocal harmonies, and some other acoustic instrumentation as well. I rerecorded one song from scratch, and replaced another one altogether with a different previously recorded version. Finally, I remixed, remastered, and rearranged everything. I had a lot of fun! I do love having a project ... especially during a global pandemic.

The result was different enough from the original that I decided to also rename the album. The new title is my attempt to make fun of the title of my first album. Another candidate was "Redoing Is Better Than Botching"  :-)

Recorded on an iPad

I also stuck with recording and mixing it all on my old iPad, as I had originally done when I first recorded these songs in 2014. So most of them were recorded and edited in the GarageBand for iOS app, and a few others in another pretty great iPad app called MultiTrack DAW. Only one song, Nothin' To Do With Me, was recorded on a PC, years ago.

Being restricted to using just an iPad was mostly fine, because it's pretty amazing what you can do now with just a tablet! But occasionally it was also a real pain, because I only have 16 GB of storage on my ancient iPad, and when it starts to fill up, GarageBand randomly does this insane-making, long-pausing "Optimizing performance" thing whenever it thinks it's running out of storage space. It pauses the whole app, takes forever, seems to happen exactly when you're eager to record a new part, and you have zero control over it. That app does a lot of things really well, but that's not one of them!

Still just demos of course

As for the results, I hope this new version of the album does a bit more justice to the songs now. These are still just demos though, rudimentary performances meant to sketch out how the songs might go, how they might be done if they were played by proper, skilled musicians. Unlike me! I'm just an occasional songwriter, and maybe a half-decent rhythm guitar player whenever I work my calluses back up.

But despite my lack of music skills or a proper band, I do still like the songs, if I may say so myself, even after all these years. If you have a listen, I sincerely hope that you like some of them too.


Follow these links to see the lyrics (and to listen) to each song:

1. Do What You Love To Do (acoustic)
2. World Like This (acoustic)
3. One Day In Mind (acoustic)
4. Easier To Hide (acoustic)
5. Tonight There's A Train (acoustic)
6. I Love Her (acoustic)
7. Nothin' To Do With Me (acoustic)
8. If The Morning Called (acoustic)
9. Day Turns Into Night (acoustic)
10. Walk Through The Forest (acoustic)
11. Sally Fills Out Forms (acoustic)
12. A Sidewalk Holds The Heat (acoustic)
13. Love Today (acoustic)
14. Brain Cages (acoustic)
15. Days Like This (acoustic)


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