Christmas Rock

Momma's in the kitchen
Makin' home-made pie
Daddy's in the basement
And he won't say why
I haven't been home
Since I was seventeen
But I'm back in time for Christmas
'Cause now I know what it means
So let's rock
Let's rock

I got presents for my money
I got the wrapping for free
And now the angels are coming
With the Christmas tree
My sister's out shopping
My brother's writing those cards
He says "You might think it's pretty easy
But I say it's very hard"
So let's rock
Let's rock

There's presents in the closet
There's food on the shelf
I've got something for you
That I made myself
Snowing in the city
Ice on the ground
Lights in the windows
Silence all around
So let's rock
Let's rock


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